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Children remain at the heart of our provision and planning at Mother Goose Corner, with their care and developmental needs forming the ‘what’ of our curriculum, and their passions and interests forming the ‘how’.

Having a simply child-led approach means we enjoy being able to take inspiration from a wide range of different teaching methods - from Montessori to the Curiosity Approach - in order to create a bespoke curriculum for the children in our care which reflects their individual and unique learning styles. Teams within the setting are consistently encouraged to modify their planning and teaching methods to ensure that how we support the children to learn effectively reflects our current cohort of children.

We believe children are natural and incredibly capable learners, who need hands-on and responsive adults to quickly identify and support their own individual learning styles for the very best of outcomes. We aim to provide the children with an engaging and enabling environment, as well as with practitioners who engage in activities with them, so that what the children learn comes about as a result attentive adults focussing on how the children learn just as importantly as what. Our setting ethos of 'Curiosity, Kindness and Courage' inspires all we do, and summarises our aspirations for the children's achievements in the here and now as well as their lives beyond Nursery.

As a setting we follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, the revised Development Matters 2021, and the Characteristics of Effective Learning to plan for and effectively support each child's individual and unique learning journey.

We are proud to record the children's learning journeys on award-winning software iConnect which families can not only access at home, but also use as a tool themselves to support the two-way sharing of information between the setting and home for the very best of partnership working.

To learn more about the care and education we are proud to provide at Mother Goose Corner, and our goals for the upcoming year, please read our latest Annual Self Evaluation Report.

2021 Annual Report: /download/3a44e087-8ddd-11ec-b8d4-73094586f233/