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Comment from the Parent of the Nursery; see daynurseries.co.uk
"My daughter has been going to Mother Goose since she was 18 months old and has always enjoyed going. Now that she is 3 and in preschool we always look forward to hearing about her day! Her “teachers” are her “best friends”, she loves to interact with all of the staff who are quite frankly brilliant.

She has never had a bad day there. Staff are fab, management are fab, the settings are lovely and they really do bring out the best in children that attend, especially our little girl who is learning so much in the time she does go. Lots of encouragement, activities, fun and care. We would not use or recommend anywhere else. Any further children we may have shall attend Mother Goose. Not a bad word to say and we can only thank them for providing such a great service to our little girl."
Comment from the Parent of the Nursery; see daynurseries.co.uk
"Bright, fun and caring nursery with superb staff, location and outdoor area. We are very pleased both our children can visit this nursery. There is always a big smile on their faces on collection and they have always a lot to tell us about various activities they did during the day. We always receive
full feedback about them, there is always time to discuss anything with the key person."
Comment from the Parent of the Nursery; see daynurseries.co.uk
"I would highly recommend Mother Goose to anyone in the local area. I love the fact it’s a family run business all the staff are so helpful and friendly. My son only goes one day a week (I would love for him to go more!) he settled in really quickly considering this fact and I believe that’s down to
the staff and nursery creating an environment that is fun, friendly and engaging and offering a wide range of activities. My son loves it, he is always really chatty after pick up telling me about his day."
Comment from the Parent of the Nursery; see daynurseries.co.uk
"I currently have a 4 year old at this nursery who will soon to be leaving to begin life at school. My 6 year old was also at this nursery. After 6 years, Mother Goose Corner has proven to be an exceptional nursery where both my children having throughly enjoyed it.

The staff have all been fantastic, working with the children and bringing out the best in them. They have always displayed great professionalism and each employee has taken the time to build a relationship with my daughter which I can see when she comes home talking about all the things she has done and with whom.

This past year has been very challenging but Mother Goose has always communicated and updated us on all the changes that have taken place as and when. In recent months, in preparation for school my daughter has done a great deal of educational learning with the staff which will be very helpful and useful when she goes to school. This nursery provides excellent hot meals for the children which are freshly made on the day."
Comment from the Parent of the Nursery; see daynurseries.co.uk
"Wonderful and supportive nursery, particularly over the past 12 months, they have been a great support. Could not fault the staff or the facilities. It is a pleasure to send my daughter there, she loves it and is always beaming after her days there, and her development over the past few weeks has come on so much thanks to her time at nursery."
Comment from the Parent of the Nursery; see daynurseries.co.uk
"My child has been going to this nursery for over two years, the nursery has always provided excellent care and my child always comes back having had a great time. Before the pandemic, they included swimming lessons and outings as part of the fees - one of the main reason I was drawn to the nursery in the first instance.

The nursery really came into its own when the pandemic hit. I faced numerous difficulties during this time and they went the extra mile to see that we were okay and to support us. From one to one meetings to help manage troublesome behaviour and phone calls to support my well being as a parent, they really went above and beyond. I would highly recommend this nursery to any parent!"
Comment from the Parent of a Summer 2019 Pre-School Graduate
"My child has settled into school really well. He still asks about going to pre-school to see everyone, and has regularly told his new teacher that she isn't doing things the pre-school way. It is very evident that Mother Goose more than prepared him for starting school and he is streets ahead of most of the other children in reception (60 of them!). We are very grateful to the team at Mother Goose for investing the time in school prep as it makes the transition so much smoother."
Comment from Lisa Morton, parent of three children at Nursery
"Please pass on our huge thanks for helping the kids feel so happy when attending. I can still remember my first visit and the buzzing atmosphere amongst the kids there - and made my mind up instantly that mine would be coming to your nursery. Totally the right decision, we all really love the nursery, staff and what it offers our little carnage creators!"
Comment from Tweenie and Pre-School parent of the Nursery
"I just wanted to pass on some thanks to your lovely team in the Tweenies room, who have worked really hard over the last few weeks to get my child settled in. Over the last couple of weeks he has been getting much better and this morning he allowed me to leave without crying (though I understand he had a few, short-lived tears afterwards!).

I know every child is different but I appreciate that in a nursery setting it can be a challenge to afford each child the individual attention they need at all times. However, I have been really impressed with the kindness shown by your staff and the detailed accounts I have been voluntarily provided with at each pick-up. Two team members in particular (only because I have had more direct contact with them than the others) have been excellent. They are clearly confident and experienced and seem to have helped settle a difficult little customer! Thanks for all the hard work."
Comment from Pre-School parent of the Nursery
"I have tears of JOY! We had to change schools for my son as the previous school was horrible. Mother Goose took my son with warm, loving, and open arms. The school change was like night and day for my son. Within the first month, I have noticed positive changes in him. He comes home singing or humming nursery rhymes. He has a keen interest in the alphabet! As a bilingual child, he's even picking up new words and talking away! These are all things that were not happening at the previous school.

My son is a picky eater and I was thrilled when I was told recently he ate his whole entire plate of fish pie! At drop-off and pick-up, my son's carers always have a smile on their faces wanting to share my son's progress and willingness to work with him and me. They have welcomed my son as family and in turn my son is happy and progressing! We are sad to leave UK in a few months, mainly because we have to leave MotherGoose."
Comment from Tweenie and Pre-School parent of the Nursery
"Looking for suitable childcare was mission impossible in Huntingdon. I needed to be sure that the childcare provider was 100% right for my child’s needs and medical requirements. We tried and failed with childminders, school nurseries and a few others. We were just about to give up hope when we were recommended to Mother Goose Corner Nursery by a family friend.

From the moment we set foot in the nursery we knew! The staff are friendly and loving and genuinely cared about my child. We have every need catered for and are a little spoiled with the excellent food, care and entertainment for the children. My second child was on the list ready to be enrolled into this nursery even before he was born (He is to graduate from Nursery to school in 2016)!

My eldest son started school last year. During his first school parents evening his teacher told us it was obvious that Aaron had come from Mother Goose Corner as the children that join them from this nursery are well educated children, already understanding the basic life skills and are genuinely lovely and well mannered children.

Mother Goose Corner Nursery is without a doubt the best run, well equipped and friendly nursery in Huntingdon. (I should know I have tried them all)."
Comment from Pre-School parent of the Nursery

"My son attended this wonderful nursery in the pre-school room and has only recently left to start school in the next couple of weeks. I cannot recommend Mother Goose Corner highly enough; my son has thrived there and I believe it has given him the best possible preparation for starting school. The level of care given is outstanding! My son had the same brilliant key worker the whole time he was there and she, as well as all the other lovely ladies in the pre-school room, looked after him so well. They all genuinely care about the children they look after and there is always someone to welcome them when they arrive and to update you fully on their day when you come to pick up your child. My son has benefited from a wealth of activities in and outside the nursery building, including French lessons, blackberry picking, bus trips to the local cinema and weekly swimming sessions, to name but a few. I could go on and on singing the praises of this wonderful nursery/pre-school and consider myself and my son truly lucky to have found it! I highly recommend Mother Goose Corner to everyone!"

Comment from Tweenie Room parent of the Nursery

"Lovely nursery! Staff are great and always keep to their word. If you have any security issues around your current work they do everything to make you feel that your child is in the best care. The staff genuinely do care and my child recently made the leap from the Baby room to the toddler room and had become very attached to her original carer, But her carer always still made the effort to give her attention and comfort her if possible when it was a bit of a wrench leaving her on a morning! My daughter has come on leaps and bounds with her speech and comes home with new words every day, its great! Would highly recommend."

Comment from Baby Suite parent of the Nursery

"I’d like to first of all thank you for your support around my work situation and my child's safety at Nursery.  It is priceless to feel that your child will be safe when you are at work and if I didn’t feel confident I’m not sure what I would have done.  I certainly wouldn’t have felt comfortable going to work that’s for sure, so just want to thank you very much for that."

Comment from Pre-School parent of the Nursery

"Once again I just want to say thank you all for everything you have done for George. He has grown so much as a person since starting at mothergoose and has found his own likes, loves and interests. All the staff have out shone every single expectation I had of Mother Goose. If I could rate you out of 10 I would give you a 20 any day!"

Comment from current parent of the Nursery

"My child is flourishing with you all. He is so happy, so settled and positively thriving that I am quite overwhelmed at times by everyone's input and exemplary care at Mother Goose Corner."

Comment from Anna Dowler; Parent of the Nursery

"My children have been at Mother Goose Corner from a young age and Valerie and the staff are great in every way. Both my boys have become very fond of the staff. My eldest who is 5 goes there before and after school and my youngest goes most days and loves it. He enjoys all activities including swimming, going to the park and the fun zone I would say I'm 100% happy with the nursery."

Comment from the 2012 Parent & Carer Happiness Survey

"I think it's great how I feel my child is at a safe place where the key workers and management genuinely care about him. I like that I feel I can approach any of the team ."

Comment from the 2012 Parent & Carer Happiness Survey

"You are a fabulous team of ladies, dedicated to forging a better next generation. Your dedication rubs onto the kids and they love you."

Comment from the 2012 Parent & Carer Happiness Survey

"The lovely homely environment is the instant draw, followed closely by the staff's obvious dedication to and fondness for all the children, not just those in their immediate room. Lovely!"